About RunCode

Who we are

RunCode is an Outsourcing Software Development Services company based in Hyderabad. It was founded in the year 2010 by Imran Rais.

Imran discovered quite early that coding was more than just a means of sustenance, rather it was a form of expression for his creativity. By the age of 17, Imran had gone to create a variety of tech- solutions for people, ranging from setting up basic telecom systems to bridging technology gaps in governance.


A journey from ordinary
to extraordinary

In the year 2010, Imran setup RunCode and after that there was no looking back. Run Code’s major breakthrough project led to the development of FitnessOnRequest which eventually grew into the Well Beats app today. Run Code has also worked closely with Excelicare to provide directions to their future development of the NHS London product. In recent years, RunCode has been developing prestigious projects with Saudi Arabian government and other UAE entities.

Future steps

In 2023, RunCode enters its 13th year of operation

RunCode use their meticulous approach to provide pragmatic solutions to individuals and companies while upholding superlative tech worthy standards. RunCode has grown from being a company with xx employees in its first year to more than xx employees and with multiple regional office spaces and with plans to expand.


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